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How can I fix your Broadband Signal Problems?

My broadband is slow?

Slow Broadband Issues

There could be a number of reasons as to why your broadband is running slowly. It could be a new connection or heavy traffic on the line. It could be something else. I can help diagnose your broadband speed issues.

Speed up your connection!

My internet keeps cutting out?

Internet Cutting Out

This could be due to a computer issues, router problems or even a fault in the local area. Diagnosing connection issues can make you run round in circles, if you dont know what your looking for. I can diagnose those issues.

Solve my drop outs?

How do I setup a wireless connection?

Wireless Connection Issues

Different routers can have different methods of setting up wireless connections. I have worked with many different brandband systems and can help you set up the connection properly so that you can work anywhere in your property.

Make me wireless!

Test if your BT line is working

One of the first things to try is to check if your broadband signal problems are related to your incoming BT line (if it does, the problem isn't something you can fix yourself - you'll need to speak to BT or your ISP).

The majority of people in the UK have an NTE5 master socket (at which BT wiring ends and yours begins). You can easily unscrew the lower half of this and remove the faceplate. Doing so will disconnect all of the internal wiring and give you access to a test socket on the right which provides a direct link to the incoming BT line.

Plug your micro-filter into this and connect your broadband router/modem. If your problems are instantly fixed, you know the problem relates to your internal wiring or micro-filters. Check your internal wiring is correctly set up.

What if I am having Broadband Signal Problems?

If you have problems with your broadband randomly disconnecting or slow connection speeds, it could be caused by your extension socket wiring. There's a wire inside the socket called the bell wire, which used to be used to make the bells on phones ring, but is now obsolete. However, it can still cause interference and slow down your broadband.

Unscrew the faceplate of your master socket and look at the wires on the back of it. Only 2 and 5 should be connected. 1 and 6 are not needed in the UK and 3 and 4 are now obsolete - the bell wire, if wired up, will be on connection 3.

If any of those wires are connected, gently pull them out, being careful not to disconnect 2 and 5. Screw the socket back together. You will need to repeat the process with all the extension sockets in your house.

Download my info sheet for more fixes on broadband signal problems.

How does broadband work?

Broadband uses a technology called ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). ADSL transforms your existing standard telephone line into a high-speed digital line, capable of carrying the high-speed broadband service.

ADSL modems use digital coding. Therefore you are getting more capacity out of your phone line without interference to your regular phone usage. In effect, you can talk on the phone, send fax and surf the web simultaneously.

This means you don't need a new line installed - saving you money and hassle. In most cases you won't even have to change your telephone number. All you'll need at your end, is a computer that meets the minimum requirements, plus a broadband modem and micro-filters (phone adapters), available when you order Broadband. You can also share Broadband with other computers in your home.

What is ADSL Broadband

ADSL Broadband is a permanent high-speed digital connection that is run on a standard analogue telephone line. The installation of an ADSL modem and splitter in both the telephone exchange and on your property, converts the twisted copper pairs into a permanent high-speed digital connection to the Internet. Along with this you will also be able to make phone calls on the same line at the same time as the broadband is connected.

Broadband is High quality 'always-on' access. But 'broadband' means more than having a permanent connection to the internet. It is the technology that is converting all of the great features of the internet and data transfer into a digital format.

Broadband ADSL is easy to install and much more flexible than a standard modem. Broadband ADSL forms a direct network connection between you and the Internet, effectively making your PC a part of the Internet. Better still, it still allows you to use your phone on the same line at the same time.

Broadband ADSL is the perfect networking solution for the home and small business. Cheap, fast and no hidden charges. It will revolutionise the Internet and its impact on the UK.

What do I need? You will need a BT analogue exchange line. Please note that there is a migration process to convert ISDN lines for use with Broadband ADSL, but this does not apply to the Wires Only Home and Office service.

What's different about 'broadband'?

Broadband means, very simply, a high-speed connection to the Internet that is 'always on'. It's called broadband because it has a much larger capacity to receive and send data, than a standard 56k connection. With BT Broadband, this means it's up to 10 times quicker than ever before, to access:

  • Websites
  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Music Tracks
  • Animations
  • Pictures
  • Photos
  • ... and many more!

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