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My broadband is slow?

Slow Broadband Issues

There could be a number of reasons as to why your broadband is running slowly. It could be a new connection or heavy traffic on the line. It could be something else. I can help diagnose your broadband speed issues.

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My internet keeps cutting out?

Internet Cutting Out

This could be due to a computer issues, router problems or even a fault in the local area. Diagnosing connection issues can make you run round in circles, if you dont know what your looking for. I can diagnose those issues.

Solve my drop outs?

How do I setup a wireless connection?

Wireless Connection Issues

Different routers can have different methods of setting up wireless connections. I have worked with many different brandband systems and can help you set up the connection properly so that you can work anywhere in your property.

Make me wireless!

I offer a range of telecommunication and telephone engineer services and wireless network solutions throughout Bristol and North Somerset.

Wireless Network Solutions & Router Set Up

If you have just moved into your house and need an internet connection then I can help. I offer a router set up service that will create a wireless network solution for your house.

Broadband Signal Problems

If you're experiencing problems with your broadband dropping out or slow connection speeds, then your internal wiring may be at fault. I can diagnose and repair this to increase your speeds. I can also provide additional broadband and cat5 sockets.

Extra Telephone Sockets

Add additional extension sockets to your phone line, ideal for sky multi-room systems, fax machines, computer sockets and home offices or in other rooms.

Re Wiring

Includes relocation of existing sockets, tidying up and relocation of internal or external wiring.

Fault Finding and Repair

Your service provider e.g. BT, will only maintain the phone wiring up to your master socket. After this it is your responsibility to maintain. I will diagnose any faults on your line and if it's on your wiring, I can repair it. If it is on the external network, I will contact your service provider to arrange for them to fix it for you.

Home Networking

With the expansion of Broadband in homes and offices, you may need to share your Broadband access with different computers. I can install small networks that will link your computers through Cat5e cabling to your main router, allowing simultaneous use of your broadband connection.

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